Traffic accidents represent one of the main causes of mortality and disability.  Road safety education (EV) is a part of the integral formation of the persons.  Traffic as a cause of labour accident rate is very significant and commuting accidents are almost 1 in 10 accidents and 1 in 3 fatal accidents is due to a traffic accident. Hence the importance of EV for youth and adults, especially those with lower educational qualifications and added difficulties. Integration of people with disabilities goes through labour integration that allows them to lead an independent life. If it is currently difficult to have a job for young people in Europe, for those who have additional difficulties is even harder therefore the preparation, education and training is essential and must take into account all aspects that allow them not to lose the few opportunities they face. EV (Road safety education) develops competences autonomy and safety especially because one of the topics that influence distrust among disabled people is the lack of autonomy Therefore, as part of the training for life and employment, young people should be autonomous to get to their jobs safely. 


Our experience in the difficult field of inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in the labour world has shown cases where guys after obtaining a job in the regular market has not been possible incorporation by the lack of autonomy in the transfer to the workplace. This leads us to conjecture that is a key aspect in the training curriculum of these people.

"The secret of education is to teach people so that they do not realize they're learning until it is too late."

Edgerton, Harold E. 


-To create educational tools to develop competences, to provide knowledge, attitudes and habits that prevent commuting accidents in young and adults with disabilities in training for the acquisition, maintenance or development of basic skills.

- To develop autonomy and independence, to strengthen education and road safety skills.

- To work contents related to the use of motor vehicles in persons with disabilities.

- To relate prevention of commuting accidents to the training processes to access or improve the labour market: training for work and train to get to work safely.

-  Use video as a teaching tool: learning to perform instructional videos to use in training processes and learning to carry out with disabled users.

- Train teachers in the use of ICT in education.


O1 - Initial Report

O.2 - Educators Guide. Design and production of videos with people with disabilities

O3 - Educators Guide. Video Editing Tools

O4 - Module-Video 1. Traffic accidents and commuting accidents

O5 - Module-Video 2. On foot to work

O6 - Module-Video 3. Going by BUS

O7 - Module-Video 4. Displacement by Tram

O8 - Module-Video 5. Take metro

O9 - Module-Video 6. Going by bike

O10 - Module-Video 7. They drive me by car

O11 - Vídeo-Módulo 8: Going safe. Advices and good practices

"One of the main goals of education should be to broaden the windows through which we see the world."

Glasow, Arnold H. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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